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Benefits of Pressure Washing for Property Managers

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Successful property managers need to be models of efficiency if they are to satisfy the diverse and never-ending demands on their time, energy and abilities by tenants and property owners. As a professional property manager, you will usually find yourself dealing with one or more of these all the time:

  • Keeping up with maintenance requests
  • Unexpected damage and rising maintenance costs
  • Finding and retaining quality tenants
  • Hiring and maintaining competent and reliable workers
  • Communicating with staff and tenants with clarity and timeliness
  • Managing administrative work; invoices, agreements, payroll, budgets, etc.
  • Staying up-to-speed with building codes and government regulations
  • Meeting owners’ expectations for revenue growth

All of these tasks are necessary for the seamless functioning of your managed property. But not all of them have to be done by you; some duties can and should be outsourced to others. Knowing which tasks to outsource and which to oversee will greatly improve your performance.

Letting others handle those things that they can do better, quicker and cheaper will give you more time to do those things you should do. In addition to outsourcing some of your roles, you can save money by adopting strategies for some tasks that will make them even more efficient.

For instance, to attract a steady stream of new tenants to your property and keep the existing ones, your buildings should look appealing. That does not just concern the inside areas of the property, which is vital, but it is also critical for the exterior of the rental.

The external façade of your building and its surrounding areas – walkways, parking lots, pool decks and driveways – need to be clean and flawless. These are the first aspects of the property that potential renters will see. They offer you the best opportunity to make a good first impression.

How do you improve the outer aesthetics of your rental property without spending a lot of money? Is there a way to maintain the external appeal of the rental all-the-year-round without too much effort? You can do this by PRESSURE WASHING your building on a schedule.

6 benefits of pressure washing for busy property managers

Pressure washing outside property

Pressure washing removes the materials stuck on the external and internal surfaces of a building by blasting those surfaces with a high-pressure jet of water. The water pressure used in pressure washing is carefully-calibrated to make sure surfaces are cleaned but not damaged.

The combination of soft washing techniques with mild and carefully-selected cleaning solutions – chosen according to the needs of the surface that is being cleaned – ensures that even the toughest stains can be safely removed.

Pressure washing your rental property on a schedule will guarantee the following benefits:

1.      Boost curb appeal

Pressure cleaning the exterior areas of buildings is the quickest and most affordable way to radically improve their curb appeal. You can pressure wash various exterior features – siding, wood and concrete patios/decks, stone walkways, and driveways – without fear of damaging them.

2.      Improve the health of your tenants

Pressure washing your rental property drastically improves the indoor air quality of the building. By getting rid of mold, mildew, pollen and dust, you will reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory illnesses among your tenants. Buildings where the external areas are pressure-cleaned on a schedule have lower indoor air pollutant levels.

3.      Prevent wear and tear

Pressure washing a building prevents wear and tear because it strips away the layers of chemical corrosives and bio-agents that accelerate the deterioration of its surfaces. When you pressure wash your rental regularly, you minimize the effects of environmental factors on its exterior surfaces, thereby reducing the rate of wear and tear.

4.      Avoid costly legal issues

gavel demonstrating legal considerations

Walkways, parking lots, stairways and other high-traffic areas in the building can become slippery and dangerous (especially when wet) if mold, mildew and dirt are allowed to accumulate on their surfaces. Pressure washing these surfaces reduces the risk of slips and falls. It helps to minimize your exposure to lawsuits by tenants, staff and visitors.

5.      Reduce your maintenance costs

By slowing the rate of wear and tear on your building, pressure washing helps you reduce maintenance costs. The paint on the walls of your building will last longer. To achieve this cost reduction, you will not need to make sacrifices that will impair the quality of your rental.

6.      Improve revenue

The eventual outcome of improved curb appeal, better indoor air quality and lower maintenance costs is bigger profits. Tenants are less likely to terminate their lease when their rented home is clean and its environment healthy. Improved tenant retention will lead to superior returns on investment.

To sum up, pressure washing is an effective shortcut for maintaining the cleanliness and appeal of your rental property. Including regular pressure washing as an essential part of your property maintenance strategy will help to boost the market value of your managed properties.


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