Mold & Mildew Removal

Cushion with Mold/ Mildew Growth

Mold/ mildew formation can be a tough type of stain to remove, but we know how to effectively make it disappear!

Mold Cleaned from Cushion

The “after” pictures of this cushion were dramatic!

Oil Based Stain Removal

Large oil-based stains

This chaise lounge chair cushion was sent in with large oil-based stains, which were cleaned by hand using a degreaser. 

After pictures

Post inspection found the cushion casing to be clean with the oil-based stains completely removed. 

Pet Hair & Dander Removal

Dirty Fabric with Hair & Dander

When pets spend lots of time in certain spots on furniture, that area will become soiled with pet dander, which leaves the fabric looking dingy. 

Cleaned Cusion

Removing pet hair and dander brings back the brightness and fresh appearance of furniture fabrics. 


Fabric with Pilling

High-traffic areas of fabrics can develop small balls, or pills, from broken fibers clinging to the fabric. 

After Pilling Removal

Our process for removing pilling leaves cushions looking smooth and clean. Once removed, it typically does not come back. 

General Dirt & Stain Removal

Soiled Fabric

Not only are soiled cushions unsanitary, they are unattractive.

After Cleaning

Our cleaning process leaves cushions bright, beautiful, and luxurious!