Awning Cleaning

Awning Cleaning Process

Each awning application is cleaned according to our 9- step process designed to incorporate best practices into the cleaning/ re-treating procedure.



Each awning application undergoes inspection by one of our I.I.C.R.C. certified technicians to identify the fabric type, note any pre-existing damage, and any potential challenges- all of which will be documented and pictured.

Soil/ Stain Identification:

Our technician will identify soils and stains on the awning and devise a plan for cleaning.


All cleanings performed on site will be done once the site and surroundings are analyzed for safety concerns and preparations made to protect the area around the cleaning site.


The application and awning material will be prepared for cleaning with environmentally-friendly chemistry appropriate for the fabric and soil types.

Cleaning (Soil Removal)

Technician will employ cleaning method deemed appropriate during the inspection process.


Awning will be allowed to air-dry. 


Awning will be treated with product to restore any potential loss of water repellency caused by exposure and/ or cleaning. 

Post-cleaning Inspection & Documentation

Application will be inspected and results documented via photos to be passed along to the customer with invoice.

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