Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing/ Timeframe Questions

Well, it depends. Often, cushions are zippered and the casings removable. If so, the price for sending in the cushion casing(s) without sending in the foam/ filling will be less than sending in the entire cushion or cushions. 

Each situation is different but we quote cleanings according to the amount of time we feel will be needed, along with an assessment of the materials necessary to clean and re-treat the goods. 

No, we do not. When a customer requests a pre-paid return label we send that at our expense. We pay a negotiated fee with the shipper which is less than typical shipping costs would be. The cost will be listed on the invoice once cleaning is complete.

We work quickly. We typically have goods cleaned, dried, re-treated, and ready to return to the customer within two days. 

Sending in Cushions

Our process and excellence sets us apart. Cleanings are all performed in-house by our own specialists. We have a stunning success rate with all types of indoor and outdoor fabric items from sofas, ottomans, chairs,  awnings, patio furniture cushions, and more. We can usually make a great improvement in the appearance and restore the performance of most furniture fabrics. If we feel that a particular furniture project would not be cleanable, we will let you know up front. 

Absolutely. We offer to send pre-paid UPS labels to customers as a means of streamlining the process for our customers, but you are free to send your goods to us any way you want. 

We will be happy to come to you and perform cleaning on-site. We are located in Anderson, South Carolina and our typical on-site cleaning range is anywhere in the Upstate of South Carolina and Northeast Georgia. We are willing to come anywhere, though. Give us a call or send us a message and we will discuss options for coming to your site and cleaning your furniture. 

For projects over $500, we require a 50% deposit up front. For smaller projects, you will receive an invoice once cleaning is complete and prior to our returning the cushion(s). The invoice is provided along with our before and after pictures from the pre-and-post-inspections, along with a detailed explanation of our cleaning and results. 

Questions About Stains

Yes, usually. There are rare instances when mold/ mildew has been allowed to remain on furniture so long that it can not be safely removed from the fabric, but we can typically discern those cases based on photos and will let you know if we feel like your cushions may fit in that category. Some types of fabrics allow mold/ mildew to be removed more readily than others as well. 

We believe in a comprehensive approach to living and working sustainably, which means not just being environmentally friendly but socially sustainable as well. Not only do we protect the environment but we are active in our community to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Yes, most of the time. There are a lot of factors at play in this, though. Oil stains that have been allowed to set in for many months may not come completely out. 

No, it will not. We do not use heat in our processes or anything that would cause the yarns in the fabric to shrink. 

General Questions

Great question! It depends largely on the environment where your furniture is located and the amount of use/ exposure. For instance, a sofa that is used daily by family (including pets) will need to be cleaned more often than a piece of furniture that is hardly used. In the same way, outdoor furniture that is underneath trees may need to be cleaned more often. To keep furniture looking great and performing as expected, we recommend cleaning/ re-treating at least once per six months. 

Manufacturer’s recommendations can be effective as long as you have the proper equipment, chemistry, and expertise to perform the cleaning correctly. Most consumers are simply not fully equipped to perform the cleanings effectively to remove tough stains. 

Yes, there are. Some types of stains simply cannot be safely removed from fabrics. For instance, permanent marker is permanent for a reason. On some brands of performance fabrics we can attack those stains aggressively and have some measure of success in removing it, but there are times when a stain is simply set-in and, therefore, not removable. We always communicate that at the outset if we see something to indicate a stain may be permanent. 

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