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5 Tips for Hosting an Epic Summer Party

There is just something about summertime in Upstate South Carolina. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Anderson, Greenville, Clemson, or anywhere else in the area, summer is the time to open our homes- especially our poolside patios- for get-togethers with family and friends.

In such a hectic, stress-filled world, it is essential that we take time to enjoy our homes and make memories with those we love. Here’s a few tips for making sure your summer party is relaxing and fun, for you and your guest

Plan… but don’t stress it. Summer schedules fill up fast here in South Carolina. Graduations, vacations, sporting events, and many other activities compete for time on our calendars. If you’re having a casual get-together, give people a few days’ notice. Make sure they understand that nothing is going to be expected of them except their presence and that you simply wish to enjoy some relaxing and fun time together.

Prepare a little each day. Don’t go crazy trying to clean your house and get things in order the day before the party. Instead, do a little each day leading up to the day of the event. Make sure the areas people will see (bathrooms, patio, kitchen, etc.) are in order first and go above and beyond if opportunity presents itself.

Eat with your fingers. Seriously, the point of the party is to remove stress, not create it. Unless your passion is cooking and preparing meals for others, just stick to finger foods. Anderson, Greenville, and Pickens counties all have many restaurants that do an incredible job of preparing food trays that can be put out on a table.

Don’t Skimp on Comfort! One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is going cheap on their furniture, particularly outdoor patio furniture or poolside amenities. Upstate South Carolina is no place to bet on cheap furniture. The heat, mold spores, and moisture rising from Lakes Hartwell, Keowee, and Jocassee creates an environment ideal for mildew formation on furniture fabrics. Nothing puts a damper on a summertime party like having a yard full of guests who are afraid to sit down on dirty, mildew-infested furniture. If you buy the cheap stuff, you might as well throw it away once the first spot of mold/ mildew growth shows up. If you spend the extra money up front to purchase outdoor furniture made from a performance fabric such as Sunbrella, though, not only will it resist mold/ mildew formation but it can also be cleaned successfully and restored as good as new.

Finally, cherish your people. Be present in the moment with the people important to you. Laugh, hug, listen, and share. Never take these beautiful moments for granted because they will not last forever. If something goes a little wrong, that’s life- and it’s ok. Sit back, take a deep breath, smile, and soak in all the goodness of these South Carolina summers!